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Better oder beim All American herausfordern. Casumo bei einer Гbertragung einer Zahlung die Daten des Kunden nicht kennt. Jahrhundert der schottischen Highlands versetzt wird.

So entsteht eine komplett glatte Oberfläche ohne Ecken oder Unebenheiten. Die Vorderseite aus purem, makellosem, ununterbrochenem Glas geht nahtlos in.

So entsteht eine komplett glatte Oberfläche ohne Ecken oder Unebenheiten. Die Vorderseite aus purem, makellosem, ununterbrochenem Glas geht nahtlos in.

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Eligibility: In the case of undergraduate student, we expect over 2nd year student. Students will participate in a one week on-site Practicum. Only applies if the student reads a field trip Elitepartner Angebot. bec商务英语口语_英语考试_外语学习_教育专区 人阅读|97次下载. bec商务英语口语_英语考试_外语学习_教育专区。pass bec 新编剑桥商务英语口试必备手册 (中高级) 目录 1. Important: Although you are not required to provide these test scores during the application, if you are admitted into the program, you MUST provide a TOEFL min. score of 79, or IELTS min. score of , by March 国度信息日志. Comments Posts. Home «The Ideal Specific location So that you can Do Placement Machines «The Ideal Specific location So that you can. Find & buy the right laptop, tablet, desktop or best server. ️Build your own PC today or call our sales team ☎ LENOVO (). 例句I can’t do the fourth and fifthquestions but I’ve done all the others. 第四题和第五题我不会,但是剩下的我都答了。 fox [fC:ks] n. ①狐狸‖②狡猾的人 例句Occasionally a fox will appear in thatforest. 偶尔会有狐狸出没于那片森林中。 词组fox’s sleep假睡; 假装的 France[frB:ns] n. 法国. We can use some photos, people usually like to see pictures of themselves and people they know. On Ellesmere Island in the Arctic one fossil forest consists of a nearly hundred large stumps scattered on an exposed coal Post Lotterie Erfahrung. Bacteria lived in the soil play a vital role in recycling the carbon and nitrogen needed by plants. Fossils in million-year-old rocks demonstrate that life forms in the Cambrian period were mostly Spielcasino Bad Dürkheim animals capability of secreting calcium to form shells. To ensure logistics success, you also need to consider other factors like order-processing, warehouse management, inventory and material management, procurement, transportation, etc. The giant panda closely resembles the bear, but account of certain anatomical features it is placed in the raccoon family. That is wasted materials, wasted effort, and wasted time. Qualities desirable include humility, the ability to think objectively and poise. I really cannot see any inconsistency, nor does his omission of the Free Roulette that the tomb was Joseph's seem to me fatal. Even before the human organism developed into their present stage of home sapiens, the beginnings of culture were already evident. Historical geology deals about data on the development of the Earth gathered from the study of rocks, which are analyzed to determine their age and composition. Nokia people magazine is Ps4 Spiele Kostenlos Runterladen in the four most Deaktiviert languages in Nokia: English, Finnish, Chinese and German.

Noise, in the technical sense, implies a random chaotic disturbance In his book, Social Theory and Social Structure, sociologist Robert Merton explored in ways that society considers abnormal.

Carbohydrates are the most abundant and food sources of energy. The clasmosaur, a giant prehistoric sea reptile with Uerce-looking jaws and flippers, had a muscular neck that accounted for much than half its length.

The sonometer is instrument used to study the mathematical relations of harmonic tones. Vervet mons have a well-developed systems vocal communication.

The invention of a cotton gin by Eit Whitney in made cotton yarn more economy than linen yarn. Scientists has found that the saliva of the octopus contains a substance that functions as a powerful heart stimulant.

The katydid, a type of grasshopper, is actively at night and rests motionless amid foliage during the day. Soap is used as a lubricant in making tiny wires for electrical appliances such television sets and telephones.

Although the art of sand painting originated with neighboring Pueblo Indians, the Navajo Indians have refined and richly reinterpreted they symbology and execution.

Since the turn of the century, the number of Native Americans living in Canada is increased. Nutrients are substances, neither occurring naturally or in synthetic form, that are necessary for maintenance of the normal functioning of organisms.

Even in an age of experimentation and departures from convention, the sonata form remain among the most vital means of musical expression.

Researchers have found many ways of treating paper so that it will be strong, fireproof, and resistance to liquids and acids. Because its body is supported by water, the blue whale can grow to a size considerable large than any land mammal alive today.

During eclipses of the Sun, the Ojibwa Indians of North America shot flaming arrows inside the sky to rekindle the light. Historical geology deals about data on the development of the Earth gathered from the study of rocks, which are analyzed to determine their age and composition.

Human being have thirty-thirty or thirty-four vertebrae, but a snake may have as many as three hundred. Parrots have heavily bodies and exceedingly strong legs.

A fuel is a substance used light, heat, or energy. The state of Maine generally has cooler temperatures than Fruit is one of the most abundant, nutritious, and foods a person can eat.

Prescriptions for corrective lenses that are provided by an optometrist are often brought to an optician who the lenses.

Loganberries can be used in jams their juice. From her early teens Adhesive, such as glue, tape, and gum, vary with the purpose intended.

Alaskan forests five or six miles inland from the Pacific coast. The colors of a rainbow arranged in the same order.

Jimmy Connors, well-known tennis champion, is supposed that he did not want to participate in all the tournaments once he had reached forty.

The month is not a suitable unit of measure for determining the seasons the seasons are a solar, not a lunar phenomenon. The human skeleton consists of more than two hundred bones together by tough and relatively inelastic connective tissues called ligaments.

Not until about 20,B. In Benjamin Franklin founded one of the first adult-education organizations the Junto.

At the future, banks will be offering an increasingly broad spectrum of financial services. The density of a substance is calculus by dividing its mass by its volume.

The grouper is an ocean fish that lives in warm and temperate seas, most around rocky shores and coral reefs.

Paper is strong under tension instead crumples easily under the stress of compression. Tariffs are the taxes or customs duties levied against goods that are import from another country.

Each person in the United States consumes an average of pounds of dairy productivity every year. The vascular system consist of the heart, arteries, veins, capillaries, and lymphatics.

The Hopi community of Oraibi in northeastern Arizona is one of the oldest, not if the oldest, continuously occupied settlements north of Mexico.

When a corporation needs to raise large amounts of capital, common stock can be issued and sell in part to outside investors.

The development of stratus clouds is extremely common over the cold seawater away the northwestern United States coast. Contemporary management practice have been influenced by investigations in the behavioral sciences.

Although the United States experienced rapidly growth in the first half of the nineteenth century, it was still predominately concerned with agriculture and forestry.

Over the past two decades, the popularity of the bicycle as a mean of transportation and recreation has increased tremendously in the United States.

Weaving was a function household in the first settlements in colonial America. Fascination by the promise of the internal combustion engine and its application to a self-propelled vehicle, Henry Ford constructed a one-cylinder gasoline motor in Marble has long been highly valued for its beautiful, strength, and resistance to fire and erosion.

A majority of the reports received from people claiming to have seen the legendary Loch Ness Monster have proven to be mistakes, misconceptions, or they were being tricked.

The labor movement developed differently in the United States from the way did it in other countries. American sign language has its own distinct grammatical structure, which must be mastered in the same way as that of another languages.

Alasks is the larger and most sparsely populated state of the United States. Fossil remains indicate that squidlike creatures called betemnites swam in the sea who covered the North American continent 70 million years ago.

In singer Kathleen Battle is receiving the annual American Black Achievement Award for excellence in vocal performance.

Scientists do not know why did dinosaurs became extinct, but some theories postulate that changes in geography, climate, and sea levels were responsible.

Anthropologists investigate the customs of different groups of people, particularly that in isolated areas. Hydraulic machines lift heavy load, exertion large forces, drive vehicles and machine tools, and control many kinds of motion.

When a nucleus is not dividing, it consisting of a nuclear membrane, a nucleolus, and evenly distributed genetic material. Most aquatic animals breathe by means external respiratory organs called gills.

It is not known why only four of all the occurring naturally elements in the periodic table are ferromagnetic.

Rice has been a basically food for millions of people for hundreds of years. Some linguists believe that the earliest language were no less complex as modern language.

Once a teacher of French and Spanish, the writer Maya Angeiou remaining strongly committed to the goals of foreign language education. Animals usually prepare for hibernation by eating large amounts of food to build out stored fat in their bodies.

William Jenriings Bryan was a Democratic nominee for the United States presidency third times, but he never won.

The domestic architecture of the Western world has responded to a number of cultural, geography and, social needs. The American astronomer Gerard Kuiper discovered a satellite of Uranus, found Titan to have an atmosphere, and advanced theoretical of planetary formation.

Some metal vary in resilience at different temperatures, becoming very brittle when cold. The fritillaries, one of the largest group of butterflies, are found not only in this country but in many other parts of the world as well.

Preceding the United Stated Naval Academy was founded in , sailors were trained at sea. During her lifetime, Margaret Mead was internationally known as an authority on various literate and illiterate culture.

Elisha G. A the respect of Booker T. Washington B Booker T. Washington being respected C Booker T. Washington was respected by many D Many people respected Booker T.

A symphony orchestra conductor selects the repertoire, interprets the music, and directed the musicians during rehearsals. Before only a few small portable lamps had been making.

Dreaming is a distinct and necessary part of sleeping, usually it characterized by the occurrence of rapid eye movement REM.

Sea turtle hatchlings sleep afloat at the surface of the water not adults tend to sleep far below the surface. Nearly all qualities in the physical world can be expressed in terms of four fundamentally measurements: length, mass, time, and electrical charge.

Musical chords generally consist of three or four notes, which played at the same time. The novel or short story are the literary forms most typically called fiction.

Eclecticism is the practice of mixing elements dissimilar in style in single work of art. Speed refers only toward the rate of motion without specifying any direction of motion.

Turbines provide power for a various of machines including electric generators and water pumps. Deciduous trees are those that shed all or nearly all of its leaves each year.

The same molecular orderliness that makes crystals so easy to analyze mathematically makes them difficult using in the laboratory or the factory.

The Tennessee Valley Authority has chartered by the United States Congress in to construct dams, power structures, and flood-control works along the Tennessee River and its tributary streams.

The cost of preparing and harvesting an acre of field corn is extremely high even though in the best of weather.

The Florida town of Seaside is laid out on its 80 acres so no point is more than a or 15 minute walks from another. Statistics show that there are only slightly fewer males than females in the teaching profession, yet it is popularly believed that the vast majority of teacher are women.

Canadian scarlet-clad guards and mounties with horseback are part of the summer scene in Ottawa. Bernese mountain dogs are hardy and loyalty, and they make excellent pets.

The basis concepts of systems engineering have been in use for centuries. Some of the most celebrated publicity stunts while the history of radio were associated with Gracie Allen.

Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the crust of the Earth, but the nonmetals oxygen and silicon are more still abundant.

Even though John F. It was not until the latter part of the nineteenth century that the Adirondack region of New York State was proper mapped.

Such special adaptations as lightweight bodies, widely wings, and unusually soft feathers allow owls to fly silently. Research shows that employees whose obtain satisfaction from their jobs are more productive.

As glaciers reach the sea, huge chunks of ice break away of them. Advocates of the art form Abstract Expressionism emphasize free, spontaneous, and personality emotional expression.

Pollen grains contains half as many chromosomes as the parent plant. The artist Frederic Remington created a large numbers of paintings of the western United States.

Worldwide there are approximately species of carnivorous birds that make up the order Falconiformes, the scientifically name for hawks.

From its innermost core to its corona, the Sun has a structure typical of most star of its kind. Rubbing a glass rod with silk will cause small pieces of dries paper to jump to the rod and cling to it.

Tattooing is one of the oldest forms of creative expression, dating it back to at least B. Besides providing clues to the nature of atoms, mineral analysis allows to speculate geologists about the ancient Earth.

The first antibiotics were made from alive matter such as molds. Even the richest diamond deposits, tons of rock must be mined and crushed to produce one small diamond.

Several ancient cultures presented math in sentences form with little or no abbreviation or symbolism. Secretion by the pancreas into the bloodstream, insulin affects metabolism by allowing cells throughout the body to use glucose as fuel.

Most Algonquin Indian tribes except those of the north were sedentary and carried on agriculture with varying degrees of intense. Although cultivated in the new world for hundreds of years, only within the last century the tomato has become recognized as a valuable food.

Though the different between any two languages in the world may appear to be great, they seem to function equally well as means of communication.

Starting around B. The chief goal of biochemistry is for to understand the structure and behavior of the carbon-containing compounds that make up various components of a living cell.

According to entomologists, pollinating insects are attracted to flowers by scent else by color. The American writer Alex Haley traveled more than a half million mile to authenticate his novel Roots.

Since women have been able to participate actively in the government the United States. The architectural floor plan for a building is primarily a diagram of the location and function of area each of the building.

Clocks not only measure and tell time but also serve as decorated in homes and other buildings. Commercial prices for gems are based in several factors including beauty, durability, rarity,and the current fashion.

Candle are made by dipping a wick into wax, to pour wax into a mold containing a suspended Wick, or rolling wax around a wick. Avalanches occur why particles of sand, rock, or snow are dragged down a slope by gravity.

The average annual solar radiation received by the atmosphere varies strongly with latitude it is four times great at the equator than at the poles.

Peggy Guggenheim was none so much attracted to contemporary art itself as she was to the bohemian art world. Radon-invisible, tasteless, and has no odor-is released into the atmosphere from soil and rocks.

Sparrows, small birds of the finch family, have stout beaks adapted seed eating and are useful to farmers in destroying weed seeds.

The poems of Sara Teasdale are noting for their simplicity and purity of form. The Canadian province of Newfoundland has a rocky coast, a moisture climate, and probably the best cod-fishing areas in the world.

Are the film presented on the five-story-tall screen. Alchemists had the idea which by applying chemical vapors to base metals they could create gold.

The most often flour is made from wheat, but it may also be made from the seeds of other cereal plants. Lacrosse, the oldest organized sport in North America, originally played by the Iroquois Indians throughout upper New York and lower Ontario.

Although most house plants are acquired already potted, they also can be grown from seeds or leaf cuttings from mature plant. The architect rural style of Mannerism used unbalanced proportions nor arbitrary arrangements of decoration.

Some comets are visibly to the unaided eye, but only for several months, when they pass closest to the Sun.

Singer, comedienne, and creating of the radio character Baby Snooks, Fanny Buice had an engaging personality that delighted audiences for nearly half a century.

Saccharin is about times as sweeter as table sugar but has no carbohydrates and no food value. One of the s to the survival of any animal is its ability adapts to changes in the environment.

The element bromine is not found in nature in the free state because of their strong tendency to take up electrons and form compounds.

During dives that may reach depths of almost 5, feet, an elephant seal can holds its breath for an hour or more.

The development of the boiler is closely related to those of the steam engine, to which it is a necessary adjunct. The Rodeo Association of America, formed in , set up a system points for determining the national rodeo champions.

Stars differ fundamental from planets in that they are self-luminous whereas planets shine by reflected light.

In and Dr. Sylvia Mead was selected chief scientist and aquanaut for diving projects involved the underwater laboratory Hydrolab. An electromagnet is a device which magnetism is produced by an electric magnet.

Almost all human activity alters water quality somewhat, but not necessity as a result of pollution by human materials.

During periods of heavy rains, a swamp can become a naturally flood controlling device if excess runoff can be temporarily stored in its basin.

With the advent of power-driven machinery, home industry began toward give way to production in mills and factories.

Liquefied natural gas is the most volatile chemistry explosive in common use today. Historian have been able to calculate the dates of events from long ago by tracing references to eclipses that took place at the same time.

In a small community, behavioral norms are more universally understood and accepted, and are therefore more likely being homogeneous than in a large city.

Anthropologists face complex problems of analysis and synthesis when they go about the task of description the culture of a group of people.

The guilds of the Middle Ages began as associations in merchants established for the purpose of regulating the rules of commerce.

Washington viewed as one of the ablest public speakers of his time. The Alaskan wilderness is filled of wildlife, including wolves, foxes,and such waterfowl as wild geese.

Historically, no artists have presented clearer or the more complete records of the development of human culture than sculptors have.

A that temperature is lowest B the temperature is lower C lowest temperature D the lowest temperature. Because the tachinid fly is a parasite of harmful insects, much species have been imported into the United States to combat insect pests.

All almost the electricity for industrial use comes from large generators driven by steam turbines. The Egyptians first discovered that drying fruit preserved it, made it sweeter, and improvement its flavor.

During his twelve year there, Ellsi Marsalis turned the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts into a rich training place for future jazz stars.

Algebra is the branch of mathematics concerned with operations on sets of numbers or other elements that are often represented at symbols.

As her focus changed, the love poetry that Edna St. When a pearl is cut in half and examined under a microscope, but its layers can be seen.

A conductor uses signals and gesture to let the musicians to know when to play various parts of a composition. If a glass lizard loses its tails, a new one grows to replace it.

Many of the recording instruments used in vary branches of science are kymographs. It was near end of prehistoric times that the first wheeled vehicles appeared.

Martin Luther King Jr. Designers of athletic footwear finely tune each category of shoe to its particularly activity by studying human motion and physiology.

Gothic Revival architecture has several basis characteristics that distinguish it from other nineteenth-century architectural styles.

Since rats are destructive and may carry disease, therefore many cities try to exterminate them. In the United States among 60 percent of the space on the pages of newspapers is reserved for advertising.

Recently in the automobile industry, multinational companies have developed to the point where such few cars can be described as having been made entirely in one country.

Scientists believe that by altering the genetic composition of plants it is possible to develop specimens that are resisting to disease and have increased food value.

The early periods of aviation in the United States was marked by exhibition flights made by individual fliers or by teams of performers at country fairs.

The American anarchist Emma Goldman infused her spirited lectures, publishes, and demonstrations with a passionate belief in the freedom of the individual.

Being the biggest expanse of brackish water in the world, the Baltic Sea is of special interesting to scientists. The main advertising media include direct mail, radio, television, magazines, and newspaper.

While studying the chemistry of human body, Dr. Rosalyn Yalow won a Nobel Prize for the research she conducted on the role of hormones.

In the realm of psychological theory, Margaret F. On Ellesmere Island in the Arctic one fossil forest consists of a nearly hundred large stumps scattered on an exposed coal bed.

The midnight sun is a phenomenon in which the Sun visible remains in the sky for twenty-four hours or longer. When eggs of some species of insects hatch, the newly born insects look almost like its adult counterparts.

Although there are more than 2, different variety of candy, many of them are made from a basic boiled mixture of sugar, water, and corn syrup.

Lawrence Robert Klein received the Nobel Prize in economics for pioneering the useful of computers to forecast economic activity. The strength, size, and surefootedness of the Hama make it as excellency beast of burden in mountainous regions today as it was in the past.

Nuclear energy, despite its early promise as a source of electrical power, is still insignificant in compared with older and safer energy sources. Established about , the Acoma pucblo in New Mexico is believed to be oldest continuously occupied settlement in the United States.

Nocturnal creatures, raccoons forage primarily at night and spend their days rest in their dens. Marian Anderson, in addition to gaining fame as a concert soloist, also served as a United States delegates to the United Nations.

Good dental hygiene and a proper diet are necessary for the maintain of sound teeth. Rice adapt better than other grain crops to areas with unfavorable saline, alkaline, or acid sulfate soils.

Jeanette Rankin, pacifist and lifetime crusader for social and electoral reform, was the first woman to be a membership of the United States Congress.

In the United States, Maryland ranks second only to Virginia as a oyster- producing state. The social games of children help to prepare themselves for their adult roles.

Algae have been an extremely important link in the food chain after the beginning of life on Earth as we know it.

The chorus plays a large part in any oratorio, linking areas were sung by soloists with segments of choral music.

Realistic novels, in trying to present life as it actually is, have written many works that are notable for their artistry of style.

A elements from group living. B elements of a normal group life C living are a group of elements. Although both political parties wanted Dwight D.

A it is a slow, clumsy way to walk B the slow, clumsy way they walk C they walk in a slow, clumsy way D their slow walk is clumsy.

A how did speech begin B how speech began C how the beginning of speech D of how beginning speech. Before pioneers cleared the land for farms, cities, and road, forests covered about 40 percent of what is now the state of Illinois.

Nest building is much less commonly among mammals than among birds. The Awakening, a novel by Kate Chopin, shocked readers and cause a storm of criticism.

The Alaskan Highway was officially opened November 20, , although much more work needed be done to complete it.

Sagebrush flourishes in the dry soil of the western plains, where other many plants cannot grow. Modern directions of Shakespeare are not longer inhibited by earlier traditions of realistic settings.

Surveys show that the majority of passengers are pleasing that an agreement has been reached to forbid smoking on commercial flights within the continental United States.

Snakes are capable of graceful motion throughout the entire long of their rubbery bodies. The Aleuts in western Alaska have always depended of the sea for food.

Atoms that having different atomic numbers generally behave differently. Over the past few year, many towns in the United States have been joining with neighboring communities to share the costs of government.

What makes for human skeleton hard and strong is the presence of the metallic element calcium. To convert an angle measured in radians for an equivalent angle measured in degrees, multiply the number of radians by To people from temperate climates, tropical butterflies may seem incredible big.

The first railroad in the United States were short wooden tramways connecting mines also quarries with nearby streams. The league of Women Voters of the United States identifies certain local, state, and nation issues for study and action.

Fibers can come from plants, animals, or mineral ores, or they may be made from a variety chemical substances.

Edwin Franko Goldman was the first bandmaster to encourage leading contemporary compositions to write original works for a band.

The tapir, an odd-toed, hoofed mammal, feed on plants, eating such things as grass, leaves, fallen fruit, and moss in large quantities.

For thousands of years, people have used some kind of refrigeration cooling beverages and preserve edibles.

Because of it consists only of a relatively short strand of DNA protected by a shell of protein, a virus cannot eat or reproduce by itself.

The oxygen in the air we breathe has no tasted, smell, or color. The aardvark is a mammal that burrows into the ground to catches ants and termites.

Because of the availability of trucks and easy access to modern highways, the locate of farms has become relatively unimportant with respect to their distance from markets.

The homes created by the legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright are still viewed as uniquely, innovative, and valuable.

Geologists find it useful to identification fossils in a rock sample because certain assemblages of species are characteristic of specific geologic time periods.

Zhang: Here you are. You see, all of us are in a group. Most of us are engineers and technicians. O: My brother is an engineer, too. He builds bridged.

How long do you plan to stay here? Zhang: Just two days. O: Everything seems to be Ok. I really cannot see any inconsistency, nor does his omission of the fact that the tomb was Joseph's seem to me fatal.

The narrative of John is concentrated on the burying rather than its accessories. Professor Westcott thinks that John , implies 'that the sepulchre in which the Lord was laid was not chosen as His final resting place.

He now came, bringing 'a roll' of myrrh and aloes, in the fragrant mixture well known to the Jews for purposes of anointing or burying.

As in all likelihood this would refer to Roman pounds, of about twelve ounces each, the amount is large, but not such as to warrant any reasonable objection.

A servant could easily carry it, and it is not said that it was all used in the burying. If it were possible to find any similar use of the expression one might be tempted to regard the litras as indicating not the weight, but a coin.

It seems as if the 'clean linen cloth' in which the Body had been wrapped, was now torn into 'cloths' or swathes, into which the Body, limb by limb, was now 'bound,' 2 The Synopists record, that the Body of Jesus was 'wrapped' in a 'linen cloth;' John tells us that it was 'bound' with threads of aloes and myrrh of Nicodemus into 'swathes' or 'cloths,' even as they were found afterwards in the empty tomb, and by their side 'the napkin,' or soudarion, for the head.

I have tried to combine the account of the Synoptists and that of John into a continuous narrative. It would be where the one stone was laid against the other, that on the next day, Sabbath though it was, the Jewish authorities would have affixed the seal, so that the slightest disturbance might become apparent.

B: Alright. A: I agree. Complaints from employees usually reflect the problems within the firm, some even show problems of the management.

Listening to the complaints helps managers to find problems and ways to resolve them. I often communicate with my colleagues, we share corporate information together, exchange news and views.

In most cases, we chat with each other, sometimes we E-mail to each other. On top of that, it helps to improve productivity.

In this information age, company intranet tends to be a very effective channel of communication. That is wasted materials, wasted effort, and wasted time.

The cost accountant can prepare budgets and give a prognosis for the project. His advice is essential in deciding whether to undertake or abandon the planned project.

Good customer relationship helps to improve your company image and boost sales. As a result, large scale production will be cost effective for your company.

I think staff training is extremely important nowadays. You see, technologies keep changing and if employees get regular training, they would be able to work more efficiently.

Cost-conscious companies always seek to work with good suppliers who can offer quality raw materials with reasonable prices. Low quality materials from suppliers are actually a waste of money.

Efficiency of production line is another important thing to consider. Meanwhile, workers should get full-trained to work more efficiently on the line.

Measures should also be taken to eliminate waste. On top of that, management should develop good benefits system to boost the morale of the workers.

I think we can divide our twenty-four hour operation into three shifts: day shift, evening shift and night shift. B: Well, I partly agree with you.

You see, shift-work disrupts the body rhythm and is very stressful. Besides, it affects home life, the night shift worker is out of step with his family.

Night shifts really affect our health conditions. B: All right. And evening shift, pm to am including coffee breaks, and then… A: And night shift from am to am, also with a coffee break.

B: Right. We should also provide our shift workers with training programmes to help them better adjust to this new work requirement.

We should inform them of the harmful effects of night shifts and give them tips on how to prevent and fight off these hazards.

A: Yes. We can arrange health specialists to give them training courses and provide online consultancy service for the convenience of our shift workers.

And I think we should also provide psychological consultancy just in case they get too stressed. We need to help them to cope with night shift blues.

B: Good. You see, improved productivity translates directly to higher profits. When shift workers are fully aware of the hazards, they will take better care of themselves.

Employees often become stressful and develop health problems. Management should provide health counseling facilities to help improve the physical and mental health of the staff and boost their morale.

Jogging, walking, cycling or swimming will help them to relax and to minimize stress. You see, shift work disrupts the body rhythm and is very harmful to your health.

Letting out part of your business premises but check first with the owner or mortgage company that sub-letting is allowed—approval may be needed.

Electricity costs are a very important component of overheads, if a company can keep electric rates low, it will certainly be very helpful in overheads reduction.

Overheads are the indirect cost of business, they are closely related to the welfare of all staff members, so concerted efforts are needed from both managers and staff to implement the overheads reduction project.

Budget and management? Meanwhile, long-term effects should also be considered. In reducing overheads costs, we should not aim to seek instant success, we should put our overheads reduction plan in a greater perspective and evaluate their overall effects.

Reduction measures should enable the company to tap its potential productivity and ensure its future development.

In addition to that, we also need to involve our staff member into the overheads reduction project, and try to see if they have anything to contribute to it.

You have been asked to make suggestions about it. Items like pens, paper, paper clips, and pencils do not cost a lot individually, but we use them in large quantities, so there is potential for huge savings.

A: Yes, cheaper sources are important, we can get much cheaper prices on office suppliers through group purchasing.

If we pool our orders with other businesses, we can buy in large quantity and receive lower bulk prices. B: Indeed. We can also use mail-order.

Mail-order office supply companies are convenient because they deliver to your door, and it saves both gas and time.

A: We should also encourage staff to recycle used paper, and ask our staff to edit on the screen as much as possible, print one final rough draft to proofread on paper.

B: And buying used office furniture is also an important way of cutting overheads. But to motivate our staff members, there should be measures to monitor their performance regularly.

We should involve all office staff into our cost saving plan. For example, we should ask staff members to turn off the air-conditioner half an hour before they leave the office, so as to cut some electricity bills.

To make sure that our staff voluntarily comply with the overheads expenditure reduction rules, we can include that in our staff appraisals.

I mean whether staff members are supportive in our overheads reduction project. B: I agree. And we can also award those who are most supportive in our project.

If you set a very low limit on telephone bills, employees might fail to maintain regular contact with their clients or customers for fear of over-expenses.

He should also see to it that staff members abide by the rules as required. It lowers overheads very effectively.

It is shrewd business operations. Sometimes I am really overwhelmed with the heavy workload and feel tired and fatigued. As a secretary in the company, I have so much paperwork to do and often have to rush to meet tight deadlines.

And I never seem to have time to take a holiday. This would result in stress-related illnesses, such as high blood pressure and fatigue.

Employees will be in very low morale and give very poor performance in their work. Employees can make the best use of these facilities to keep fit, so they can have better performance in their work.

You have to have speed, stamina, dexterity, shrewdness and quickness in decision-making. Benefits system?

Time management? They can also introduce more flexible benefits programmes like childcare and nursing care for aging parents, etc.

Time management is also important. Companies can provide training programs to help employees better manage their time.

In this way, employees will become more organized and feel more at ease with their routine work. They can provide psychological consultancy advice, so that employees can better adjust themselves to their work pressure.

You have been asked to make suggestions about how to improve this situation. But most of them show signs like consistently working late, working through lunch, coming to work even when ill, bringing work home, rushing to meet very tight deadlines and signs like…er… B: Like expressing frustration, feeling guilty when they leave work on time and not taking holidays.

B: This situation has to be improved. You know, the consequences of this overload can be stress, burnout, and illness. For the company, it can result in high turnover and poor performance.

B: I think we can provide some flexible benefits to help employees balance their personal life and work. For example, we can offer childcare vouchers, retail vouchers, critical illness insurance and any…er, well, I mean annual leave.

We can also provide coffee rooms and nutritious refreshments, so that our staff can relax themselves there during the break.

You see, laughter is the best medicine for those who are in low spirits. And it help to boost the morale of our staff.

You see, if they have more time outside work, they can relax, do physical exercises, take up hobbies, travel, etc. If you can manage your time well, you can work more efficiently, and find more time to refresh yourself and you can retain a healthy balance between work and life.

It will benefit both the company and the employees. It helps employees to live a happier life and it also helps to boost their morale and enhance employee commitment to the company.

With sth.

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